Food or Medicine Loss

Have you experienced a food or medicine loss due to an extended power outage (96 hours or more)? You may be eligible to file a claim for reimbursement.

How it Works

This claim is available for Connecticut residential customers only. Spoiled food or medicine must be due to an electrical outage caused by an Eversource distribution system failure.
You may become eligible for this claim 96 hours from the time damage assessment begins, not from the time your outage begins.
After a storm has passed, conditions like impassable roads, high winds or other potential safety hazards are considered before crews can be sent out to start assessing damage.

To file a claim:

  • Complete and submit the form
  • An Eversource representative may contact you to discuss the claim
  • If approved, you'll be paid up to a maximum of $250 by check or account credit within 60 days.

Spoiled food or other perishable merchandise should not be held for inspection. Please dispose according to good sanitary practices.


This is only for food or medicine loss. If you have suffered damage to your property in Connecticut and think Eversource may be responsible, you can file a property damage claim.

To submit a claim offline, please download and mail in a printable form.