Extended Power Outage Claim Form

Connecticut residential electric customers become eligible for the extended power outage credit if power restoration after a storm takes longer than 96 hours.

How it Works 

Power restoration begins when it's safe for crews to start damage assessment. After a storm has passed, conditions like impassable roads, high winds or other potential safety hazards are considered before crews can be sent out to start assessing damage. 

You may be eligible for a $25 credit for each 24-hour period without power after 96 consecutive hours of restoration. The 96 hour time period is calculated from the time damage assessment begins, not from the time the outage begins. For example:

  • 96 hours + 24 hours = 120 hours = $25 credit
  • 96 hours + 48 hours = 144 hours = $50 credit
  • 96 hours + 72 hours = 168 hours = $75 credit

If at any point your power was restored for more than 12 hours, you must be without power for another 96 hours before becoming eligible for a credit. No partial credits will be issued.

If you’re eligible, the credit will automatically be applied to your bill under the line item “Extended Outage Credit." You won’t need to contact Eversource.


A qualifying storm will be determined eligible by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). After that, we will work with PURA to review and determine a full list of impacted customers. This may take 2 to 4 months following a storm.

CT Extended Power Outage Claim Form

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